Social Security Number

Step 1: Submit your I-9 Employment Paperwork 

  • Take your passport, I-94 card and I-20/DS-2019 to the ISSO to complete the I-9.
  • Present the ‘blue card’ issued by the ISSO to your employing department. They must send your employment papers to the Student Employment Office.

Step 2: Apply for your Social Security Number

  • A letter of employment from the Student Employment Office will be sent to the ISSO. The ISSO will notify you by email the letter is ready to pick up in CHHS room, 202. 
  • Take the following documents to the Social Security Administration office and apply for a social security number.
    •  Letter of employment authorization
    • Passport and I-94 card
    • I-20 or DS-2019  
    • Social Security Application (download application at:
    • Request a receipt
  • When you receive your Social Security card (in 2-4 weeks), take it to the Student Employment Office located on the 2 nd floor of the King Building (Bldg. # 11 on the campus map) at the top of the stairs so that a photocopy of the original card can be put in your employment file.

Note: If you are employed by Chartwells or the University Bookstore please complete the I-9 and obtain the letter of employment from Chartwells, then proceed to the ISSO for the authorization letter. 

Social Security Office 

Please visit the THIS LINK to determine which Social Security Office you should visit to apply for a social Security number:

  •  The location in which you can apply for a social security number will be determined by the postal code in which you reside i.e. 28262 or 2820, etc.