Initial Student FAQ

Initial Student FAQ

The ISSO has a dedicated page to answer questions related to submitting financial documents for I-20 issuance. Click Here to access our Financial Certificate Form.

No, you can not upload the award letter. Instead, please reach out to your department to have them enter your contract in eGA, then make sure you accept your contract in eGA, and any tuition support in Banner. Once that step is completed your funds should all show up on the FCF after 24 hours of being uploaded by the department and accepted by you. We do not need to see additional documentations for those funds.

Exception to the rule:

  • Students may submit proof of their Summer 2021 funding on a department letterhead IF they are submitting their FCFs before November 2020. FCFs submitted in November and onward must list the Summer 2021 funding, if offered.

  • Students receiving awards from professors using project grant funding or funds that can only be entered/logged by the department in the SEA Award system (Example: Faculty member is using his/her startup funds to help fund the student) must also submit a written statement listing the department’s commitment and the amount of funds.

Our processing time is 10 business days from the day a student submits their Financial Certificate Form (FCF). This includes processing and shipping. However, the time it will take the I-20 to deliver to students in their home country will depend on the shipping service the student will select.

The latest date that a student can arrive to attend classes for the Fall 2020 semester is September 10th, 2020. For those who may be arriving late (after September 7th), click here for more info.

Students receiving TA and/or GA contracts for the Summer 2021 term should be able to see those funds on the FCF if their departments uploaded them into banner. Awards for Summer 2021 will not be entered in the eGA system until after November 2020, thus award letters showing Summer 2021 funds can be uploaded with FCF. This option will not be available after Jan 1st, 2021.

  • A student may receive their I-20 via express shipping. Click Here for steps on how to setup your express shipment. Shipment tracking is available with this option
  • An I-20 can be shipped to students via United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS delivers internationally within 5 to 7 weeks. Shipment tracking is not available with this option 

If you are unable to begin classes for the term in which you applied for admission, you can submit the Request to Update Application and your application for the summer/fall 2020 semester will be updated to a future term without an additional application fee. Please note that your application will be re-reviewed by the Graduate Program Director for admissions consideration.

For Undergraduate students: At this time UNC Charlotte does not have any programs (majors) that are 100% online. This means that students should expect to enroll in some in-person classes each semester. We recommend that you register for SOAR (all sessions are online). Before attending SOAR, you may view courses offered for Fall 2020 and filter the options based on instructional type in Banner Self-Service.  During SOAR, you may share you proposed list of online courses with your academic advisor to determine if you are able to obtain those courses. 

For Graduate Students: For students who are unable to enroll in classes on campus in the Fall 2020 semester, some programs may have the option to begin 100% online in the Fall and then transition to in-person classes for the Spring 2021 semester. Note that this opportunity may not be available to all new students, so contact your Graduate Program Director.

For all Students: Note that studying online does not require an F-1 visa.  We cannot activate your SEVIS record until you arrive in the U.S.  Semesters spent studying outside the U.S. before we activate your SEVIS record do not count towards the CPT or OPT two semester requirement.