International Friendship & Culture Exchange (FACE) Program

Welcome to the International Friendship & Culture Exchange Program (FACE) landing page. From here, you'll learn about what FACE is, how to get involved, and access this year's application!

What is FACE?

FACE is a semester-long ISSO/OIP program that was developed to provide American and International students structured opportunities to spend time together. Oftentimes, this means that students will meet to partake in small group conversation to share the ideas, customs and concerns of their own respective countries, but it can also include other activities throughout the semester such as team trivia events or informal excursions.

The program is semi-structured, which means that participants will be provided with resources to spark great cross cultural conversations, yet particpants and their groups decide when to meet and what to talk about. 

The Goals of Program: 

  • Encourage open communication between and among international and U.S. American students
  • Improve awareness and understanding of different cultures
  • Provide international students at UNC Charlotte an opportunity to improve speaking skills and exposure to U.S. Culture

What do past participants have to say about FACE?

  • “Getting to learn about a different culture, it’s one thing to read about something, but when you actually talk to and form a friendship with someone from that culture, you get more information.”
  • “I like the fact that I get to learn about another person and their culture, up close and personal, without leaving campus!”
  • “Actually, I thought it was going to be harder speaking English with someone who is learning the language, but it really wasn’t.”

How to Apply:                                                  

For those interested in participating for the Fall 2020 semester, there's only one step:

  1. Complete and submit the FACE Interest & Information Form (click the button below) by September 18th, 2020:

Click Here to Apply to Be a FACE Participant!

What Should I Expect After Submitting My Application?

During the week of September 21st-25, the ISSO will create groupings of students based on the applications received and student availability. 

By September 28th, 2020, applicants will be notified via email account regarding their first meeting with their FACE group. Fall 2020 initial group meetings will be held virtually. (Meeting details TBD.)

After attending the first meeting, what happens next is really up to you and your group! Though the ISSO will facilitiate virtual meetings and some virtual events throughout the semester, most of your small group gatherings will be independently decided upon and arranged amongst participants. Attendance at in-person meetings proposed independently by groups is always optional.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact ISSO at 704‑687‑7781 or