Student Organizations

Get Involved!!

Getting involved is a great way to make friends, get through periods of homesickness, learn about other cultures, teach abour yours and add leadership skills to your resume!

International Club

Welcomes both international and U.S. students to provide an opportunity to meet students from other countries,participate in social activities, trips and other events and grow globally. Contact ISSO  for more information.

International Student Organizations

UNC Charlotte has an increasing number of registered international student organizations. Check the full listing on the Student Organization's website. There are also several organizations which are not registered with UNC Charlotte.
Contact ISSO  for more information.

Other Student Activities

Students that get involved on campus are more likely to become engaged in the community as well as graduate in 4 years*. There is much to do on campus from art gallery exibits, to movie theatre showings to student employment and volunteering. Find out more about these and other activities available at UNC Charlotte.